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10 Ways to Prevent Underage Drinking When Hosting a Graduation Party

  • Offer non-alcoholic beverages only and put on your invitation - This is an alcohol-free party.


  • If you are serving alcoholic beverages, designate a person to check I.D.’s and secure the alcohol.


  • Have your Graduate make a list of his/her guests and on their invitation put the caption, ‘Must have picture I.D. to enter’.


  • The use of wristbands or a unique stamp is a great way to identify 21 and older. This will make it easier to spot underage drinking when you do a periodic walk through.


  • Try to have only one entrance and use the same one as an exit. However, remember to have an alternative exit for emergency and handicap use.


  • Greet guests at the entrance and check them off the guest list. Watch for large bags that could conceal alcohol. Unsteadiness, slurred speech, glassy eyes or any odors could be an indication someone is already under the influence. Do not allow that person to enter.


  • Do not allow guests to leave the party and return, as there may be illegal drinking happening outside of your hardened area.


  • Do not use solid colored cups (ie. red solo cups) use transparent cups or keep the beverages in their original packaging. (no keg beer)


  • Make a sign with your local police departments’ name on it and state, ‘The local police department does not tolerate underage drinking and neither do the hosts of this celebration’.


  • Have your graduation party during daylight hours, for example, 2-7 p.m. It will make it that much more difficult for a person under 21 to consume alcohol.


                                               Click below for more information about Social Host Laws in Michigan





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