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Become a volunteer with LACC

Our organization is volunteer-driven, with local solutions coming from local volunteers.  If you are looking for a leadership role, a one-day event role, or something in between, there is a place for you with LACC.


Leadership Volunteers

  • Longer term commitment (1-3 years)

  • 3-10 hours of service per month

  • High impact service effecting both organizational growth and community change

  • Great fit for professionals, young adults building a resume, seniors with time and skills

We currently need:

  • Board Members, especially those with experience in finance, law, and nonprofit development

  • Sector Representatives, especially those in the Faith sector

  • Board subcommittee members: help out the board with your skills in Governance, Finance, or Development


Project Volunteers

  • Moderate term commitment (6mo-2yrs)

  • 2-4 hours of service per month

  • Significant impact on substance specific initatives in the community

  • Great fit for youth, parents, those with lived experience of addiction/recovery, good communicators

We currently need:

  • Alcohol, Marijuana, and Rx/Opioid Task Force Volunteers:   work with other volunteers and staff to conduct retail visits and environmental scans, communicate with prescribers and pharmacies about access and disposal options

  • Youth Mentor: help out alongside youth in community service projects, mentoring at-risk youth in our schools

  • Social Media Volunteer: consistently like, comment, and share LACC posts and further our outreach on multiple platforms

  • Youth Community Connector: hold a short, one-time session about your area of passion for interested youth, serve as an adult mentor on that topic for youth in our community

  • Legislative Advocacy volunteer- stay informed about substance use related legislation to help educate the community and/or legislators


Event Volunteers

  • Short term commitment (a few hours or a day)

  • 2-4 hours of service total

  • Event-specific impact

  • No special skills needed, fits into your schedule, great chance to learn about the community and network

  • Great for families, first-time volunteers, youth

We currently need:

  • Kit Assembly Volunteers: help stuff coping kits and/or medication disposal kits for events

  • Love of the Lakes event volunteer, Make A Move 5k/Trail Ride event volunteer: help plan and run event with staff/board

  • Prescription Drug Take Back Day event volunteers: help police collect unused medications and distribute information (April and October annually)

  • Summer Events Table Volunteers: help distribute literature/items to community

  • School Events Table Volunteers: help distribute info to kids and parents

  • Senior Events Volunteers: help distribute info at senior education events

I'm interested in volunteering!

Thanks! Someone will contact you shortly!

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