2020 Community Champions at the Love of the Lakes Banquet.  From left to right:  Regina Nock, Representative Ryan Berman, Nikki O'Donnell, and Sophia Lafayette.


With the support of our community champions, we are creating a healthy, vibrant, drug-free community.


Sophia Lafayette

Assistant Principal, Walled Lake Northern High School

Sophia serves the families of WLCSD every day in her role as high school administrator and educational leader for the district.  She has been instrumental in collaborating with the coalition to bring prevention programming and resources to young people at WLN.  Sophia is the staff advisor for the Students Leading Students chapter at WLN and she has worked with those student leaders to bring Safe Driving Week, UMatter Week, and the Zen Den to her building.  She has designed prevention-focused assemblies and activities for mental health and wellness for students as well as staff.  Sophia is also an expert in restorative practice in student discipline and she has advised the coalition on models for non-punitive practices to help students and families move away from substance use and learn better coping skills.  Sophia also helped plan and facilitate our 2019 Prevention Summit and serves as a strong education sector leader for LACC.


Regina Nock, CPA

Founder, Nock Accounting, past LACC Treasurer

Regina served the coalition as it's treasurer since it's inception in 2016 until 2021.  A skilled accounting professional, Regina donated her professional time and knowledge to ensure the financial stability of the coalition.  Regina is also active in the Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce Young Professional Group as well as volunteers on the board of Hospitality House.  Regina took leadership of the grant-based funding that LACC has acquired.  She oversaw monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting, assisted in formulating new grant proposals, and helped to develop a streamlined accounting system for our growing coalition. 

Nikki O'Donnell, M.A.

Psychologist, Viewpoint Psychology and Wellness, LACC Youth Action Board Liaison

Nikki is passionate about developing healthy, thriving young people in the Lakes area.  Through her work with young people in her private practice, she understands the issues, challenges, and strengths as well as communication styles of our youth.  She brings her skills, knowledge, and innate joy to work with our Youth Action Board.  Nikki empowers our kids to develop their leadership skills and become influential peer leaders in their schools and in our community.  Her enthusiasm encourages kids to make big plans and make a big impact!  Nikki was also recently named one of Oakland County's elite "Forty Under Forty", a prestigious recognition of her outstanding contributions to our community.





Previous Community Champions


Gabriel Costanzo

former Walled Lake City Council member

David Scott

former Supervisor, Charter Township of Commerce

Ronald W. Moore

Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police

The Honorable Travis Reeds

52-1 District Court

Dr. Christopher Delgado

former Deputy Superintendent, Walled Lake Consolidated Schools

David & Liz Martin, Kelly Angelosante

Angel Wings For Angie