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Currently used during our Thursday night HOPE meetings, The Keys to Freedom study from Mercy Multiplied is for YOU – whether young or old, male or female, new or established believers alike; our heart is to see the body of Christ educated, equipped, and empowered to live free and stay free – to be whole, restored, transformed and ready to impact our world with a message of hope.

Keys to Freedom features daily assignments—a combination of Bible study, reflection questions, and prayer. Questions are designed to challenge individuals to honestly and prayerfully examine their lives in light of the principles and Scriptures they are studying.

This study will take you on an eight-part, interactive journey with God to explore:

      • Hearing God’s voice
      • Committing and connecting with Christ
      • Renewing your mind
      • Choosing to forgive
      • Healing life’s hurts
      • Breaking generational patterns
      • Using your authority in Christ
      • Maintaining life-long freedom

Keys to Freedom workbook

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